Registration Open: FDA-JIFSAN Dietetics and Nutrition Webinar


The purpose of the webinar is to communicate FDA's nutrition and regulatory activities that are relevant to the practice of nutrition and dietetics. In March, 2012, the Joint FDA/JIFSAN Webinar covered current and basic information on food and nutrition regulatory policies. As the information on these topics has advanced over the past two years, this year's webinar will cover topics that have any available new and updated information. The agenda includes the following: September 22nd -updating the Nutrition Facts panel, serving sizes, labeling claims, seafood and health, dietary supplements, food and color additives and consumer research; September 23 -infant formula regulations, medical foods, food allergens, approaches to reducing sodium consumption, the GRAS notification process with probiotics as an example, and partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) and trans fat, non-nutritive sweeteners and dietary supplements. The Webinar is designed to be interactive with the audience. In addition to a question and answer period at the end of each presentation, there will be case studies, quizzes and polls during the presentations.


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