Highlights from the FDA-JIFSAN Dietetics and Nutrition Webinar

The videos and slide presentations from the two-day “FDA-JIFSAN Dietetics and Nutrition Webinar” held last month are now available for the public to view online. The posted information includes most of the updates and proposals presented during the webinar.

The webinar served to explain the FDA’s regulatory activities that relate to the practice of nutrition and dietetics. The information was designed for interns, students, faculty, and practitioners involved in dietetics and nutrition. Participants also included professionals working in other various areas of health and wellness and parties interested in dietetics.

The webinar began on September 22, 2014 and included presentations on Nutrition Facts panel updates, serving sizes, labeling, infant formula regulations, medical foods, seafood and health, and consumer research at the FDA. The second day focused on food and color additives, reduction in sodium consumption, food allergens, the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notification process, partially hydrogenated oils and trans fat, and high-intensity sweeteners.

One notable subject discussed during the presentations was the updated study on consuming commercial fish during pregnancy. Though it has been advised against in the past, the FDA concluded that 3-4 servings of fish a week during pregnancy could positively affect neurodevelopment in children. Another topic included proposals on changing the Daily Values for vitamins and minerals and making their listings, in addition to added sugars, mandatory on labels.

In order to serve as an interactive and educational tool for the audience, the webinar included case studies, quiz questions and polls during the presentations, and question and answer periods after.

The Commission on Dietetics Registration approved participants receiving up to seven Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for attending the webinar.

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