Future of Food Summit

 This one-day event will be held in New York City at Meredith Headquarters, 225 Liberty Street New York, NY 10281.

 The event will be focused on sustainability, health and innovation and will address:

  • Pioneering technologies used in agriculture
  • Plant-based diets; trends in purchase behavior and impact on human nutrition
  • Innovative trends in food production methods and unique on-farm practices
  • Technologies impact on global food systems
  • Trends in consumer attitudes toward the use of alternative and forward-thinking food production practices
  • Effective communication tips to discuss risk / benefit of emerging food technologies
  • Public health considerations for future generations

 Invitees and panelists will be a mix of journalists, food scientists, farmers, food production futurists and consumer influencers.

 See: for more information and to register for this one-day event that’s destined to start a new conversation about the Future of Food.

 Contact Tamika Sims ( or Megan Meyer ( for more information.