Dr. Jianghong Meng Appointed Director, JIFSAN

"I am happy to announce to you the appointment of Dr. Jianghong Meng, Professor in the Department of Nutrition & Food Science, as Director of the Joint Institute for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN). Dr. Meng has served as Interim Director of JIFSAN since 2006. Under his leadership, JIFSAN has experienced tremendous growth in its international programs and has increased its extramural funding to over $3 million in FY10. He has built strong collaborative relationships with the federal government, industry, and international partners in expanding JIFSAN's food safety training programs both locally and globally. JIFSAN received the 2007 FDA Commissioner's Special Citation Award for its international food safety training efforts. In addition to his international leadership, Dr. Meng has facilitated research collaborations in the areas of food safety and nutrition between UM faculty and FDA scientists and with other academicians.

"Dr. Meng holds both a Ph.D. in Comparative Pathology and a Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine from the University of California, Davis and a DVM from the Sichuan Agricultural University in China. He has membership in numerous national societies, boards, and committees. He has served on the editorial boards of the 'Journal of Food Protection' and 'Applied & Environmental Microbiology'; was appointed to the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria of Foods by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; and serves on the National Academies' Committee on Review of Risk-Based Approach to Public Health Attribution.

"JIFSAN is a component of the Center for Food Safety & Security Systems directed by Dr. Robert Buchanan. I fully expect that the contributions of this integrated program will bring significant recognition to the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources and to the University."-- Dean Cheng-i Wei