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James Rushing, Ph.D.
Manager, International Training Program
2134 Patapsco Building
College Park, MD 20742
United States


2010-present: Director of International Food Safety Training Programs, JIFSAN

2007-2009: Vice-President for Research and Technical Analysis, PTG Management Company, Palmetto, Florida

1985-2007: Professor and Center Director, Clemson University, Coastal Research and Education Center, Charleston, South Carolina. (currently Professor Emeritus).

2002-2003: Visiting Scientist, U.S Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, College Park, Maryland. On sabbatical leave from Clemson University.

1991-1994: Self-employed consultant and vegetable grower and exporter based in Santiago, Chile and Visiting Professor, University of Chile. On sabbatical leave from Clemson University.


1985    PhD     Horticultural Science, Postharvest Physiology          University of Florida   

1991    MAg    Horticultural Science, Postharvest Physiology          University of Florida               

1989    BSc     Citrus Production Management                                  Florida Southern College       


I have not held a formal teaching appointment however I began teaching as a graduate assistant and have been an Extension and outreach educator since 1985. In addition to my education and training, I hold the following credentials for training in food safety:

Produce Safety Alliance (FSMA-PSA): Lead Trainer; Trainer of Trainers

Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSMA-FSPCA): Lead Trainer

Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSMA-FSVP): Lead Trainer

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points: Juice HACCP Certification

Publication Summary

Refereed Journal Articles (46); Book (1); Book Chapters (2); Abstracts (57); Conference Proceedings (40); Trade Journal Articles (42); Book Reviews (4); Patent (1); Numerous Extension publications in various formats.

Selected Titles and Scholarly Work

Rushing, James W. 2016-2017. Contributing author for the development of the Produce Farm and Sprout Operation Investigation Manual, FD326-Instructor Guide, First Edition 2017.

Rushing, James W., Clare Narrod, M.R. Sudharshan, Pratyasha Chakravarty, and John Sproul. 2015. Global Partnerships in Food Safety: Education and Training Can Improve the Safety of Spices and Botanical Ingredients. Food Safety Magazine (2015, Aug.-Sept.) pgs. 60-65.

Rushing, James. W., 2010. Improving the Safety and Quality of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: A Training Manual for Trainers. University of Maryland, Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. (approx. 250 pages)

Ranwala, N.K. Damayanthi and James W. Rushing. 2009. Influence of treatments with heat, chlorine dioxide or ethylene oxide on microbiological load and parthenolide content in feverfew leaves. Journal of Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants 15:227-240.

Patent No. 7,162,880, issued October 4, 2008 for RapidCoolTM Cooling Apparatus, Systems and Method. Co-inventor of a process and supporting equipment for the rapid re-cooling of imported fruit after fumigation.

Fonseca, Jorge M. and James W. Rushing. 2008. Application of ultraviolet light during postharvest handling of produce: Limitations and possibilities. Fresh Produce 2: 41-46.

Fonseca, Jorge M., James W. Rushing, Nihal C. Rajapakse, Ronald L. Thomas and Melissa B. Riley. 2008. Phenolics and parthenolide levels in feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) are inversely affected by environmental factors. Journal of Applied Horticulture 10: 36-40.

Oatis, Jr., John E., Pam Brunsfeld, James W. Rushing, Peter D. Moeller, Daniel W. Bearden, Thomas N. Gallien and George Cooper, IV. 2008. Isolation, purification, and full NMR assignments of cyclopamine from Veratum californicum. Chemical Central Journal 2:12 (6 pages). Also available at website

Simmons, K., M.A. Harrison, W.C. Hurst, J. Harrison, J. Brecht, K. Schneider, A. Simmone and J. Rushing. 2007. Survey of food defense practices in produce operations in the southeast. Food Protection Trends 27: 174-184.

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Wu, Changqing, Feng Chen, James W. Rushing, George Huang, Xi Wang, Vivian Haley-Zitlin, Hyun-Jin Kim, and Guoqing He. 2006. Antiproliferative activities of parthenolide and golden feverfew extract against three human cancer cell lines. Journal of Medicinal Food 9 (1): 55-61

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Rushing, James W. and Christopher S. Walsh. 2006. FDA’s approach to training international suppliers in food safety and security. HortTechnology 16: 566-569.

Rushing, James W. 2006. Methods to ensure microbiological safety of organically produced medicinal plants: A review.  HortScience 41:8-11.