Summer Integrated Program (SIP) Food Safety Risk Analysis Courses

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Note: this year's course offerings will be offered online via Zoom.

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2023 Summer Integrated Program (SIP)

Food Safety Risk Analysis Courses

June 1 through June 15 (CORE classes)


Sept. 19–22 and 26–28

The increasing emphasis on risk-based decision making and the increasingly global nature of the food supply have resulted in the use of risk analysis to systematically address food safety issues worldwide. This has created a need to educate food safety and other public health professionals about the principles of food safety risk analysis and the tools and techniques required to apply this approach.

Intro to Risk Analysis in the Regulatory Process (Core)
June 1-2, 2023
Price: $500
An introduction to terminology, concepts, tools & techniques used in food safety risk analysis and how they fit into the regulatory process.

Risk Management (Core)
June 5-6, 2023
Price: $1,000
Risk managers are the decision makers. Learn how to weigh policy alternatives and arrive at practical and useful solutions to problems that are often plagued by uncertainty.

Qualitative Risk Assessment (Core)
June 7-9, 2023
Price: $1,000
Gain hands-on experience with a range of risk assessment approaches across a wide spectrum of food safety hazards.

Risk Communication (Core)
June 12-15, 2023
Price: $1,200
Learn the basics of risk communication as it is practiced in the U.S. with applications to food safety.

Intro to FDA-iRISK® and Quantitative Risk Assessment
September 18-22 (four days) and September 26-28 (three days), 2023
Price: $2,700
Learn the basics of building and understanding quantitative risk assessment models and be introduced to FDA-iRISK® that allows users to conduct probabilistic risk assessments rapidly and efficiently.

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Our training courses are targeted for a broad cross section of professionals involved in food safety risk assessment and management.

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For questions or information, contact Judy Cooper, Program Coordinator at or 301-405-1696.