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Jianghong Meng, DVM, MPVM, Ph.D.
(301) 405-8382

Jianghong received his veterinary medicine degree in China, Masters of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) and PhD in Comparative Pathology from University of California, Davis. He joined the faculty of University of Maryland in 1996 and is also a professor at the Department of Nutrition and Food Science. Jianghong's research interests focus on the identification and characterization of foodborne pathogens and bacterial antimicrobial resistance, and he has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, reviews, and book chapters on the subject.

Jianghong has served on several national and international committees including the US National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria of Foods (NACMAF), Microbiology Committee of the United States Pharmacopeia, National Academies' Committee on Review of the Food Safety and Inspection Service Risk-Based Approach to Public Health Attribution, and Asia Pacific Economic Corporation's (APEC) Partnership Training Institute Network.

He has been working with government agencies and organizations on food safety in China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, and United Kingdom.

Clare Narrod, Ph.D.
Research Scientist and Manager, Risk Analysis Program
(301) 405-1780

Dr Clare Narrod is the Director of the Risk Analysis program at JIFSAN and leads the monitoring and impact effort associated with the evaluation of JIFSAN's capacity building efforts. She received her Ph.D. in Energy Management and Environmental Policy in 1997 and a Master's Degree in International Development and Appropriate Technology both from the University of Pennsylvania. From 1998-2000 she served as an American Association for the Advancement of Science Risk Analysis Fellow at USDA. Prior to coming to JIFSAN she worked at the International Food Policy Research Institute, the United States Department of Agriculture, and at the Food and Agriculture Organization. She has consulted for the World Bank and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture. She has field experience in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Thailand, Mali, Mexico, Vietnam, and Zambia. She has taught in Colombia, China, India, Malaysia, Russia, and the US.

She started her career in the government where she conducted and reviewed risk assessments and cost-benefit analyses of proposed and final rules for Agency clearance associated with reducing the risk of animal and plant diseases and improving food safety. Over the years she has conducted research on identifying cost-effective food safety and animal health risk reduction measures for different size producers, understanding the role of public-private partnerships in ensuring the production of safe food so as to improving market access for the poor, and measuring the impact of capacity building efforts on improving food safety. She has also analyzed the roles of public and private sectors in providing research investment in the livestock sector, the role of technology transfer in increasing global livestock productivity, and understanding the impact of the livestock industrialization process on smallholders and the environment. Currently she is involved in research associated with monitoring and impact evaluation of various food safety capacity building efforts as well as conducting risk analysis associated with food safety hazards.

In addition to her work at JIFSAN she is also a Scientific Advisory Board Member of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy at UC Davis, World Food Center and on the Board of Directors for the Center for Foodborne Illness, Research & Prevention. In the past she has been a working group member on a Global Food Ethics Project at John Hopkins Berman Institute for Bioethics, a member of the expert panel for a Global Regulatory Competency and Curricula, and a consensus committee member of the National Academy of Science on the Institute of Medicine’s study on "Strengthening Core Elements of Food Safety Regulatory Systems in Developing Countries."

James Rushing, Ph.D.
Manager, International Training Programs
(941) 201-4603

Jim Rushing currently works with JIFSAN as the Manager of International Training Programs. He retired from Clemson University in 2008 where he held the rank of Professor and Center Director at the Coastal Research and Education Center in Charleston, SC. After retiring he worked almost two years as the Vice President one of the largest fruit and vegetable production companies in the U.S.

He earned the PhD in Horticultural Sciences from the University of Florida in 1985. During his 29 years of University service as a postharvest specialist, he took professional development sabbaticals. He spent three years as a self-employed consultant based in Santiago, Chile. Later he spent one year with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Visiting Scientist at the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition in College Park, MD. He has worked in 36 countries in the fruit and vegetable industries.

Jim has been actively involved in fresh produce food safety issues since 1990 when he collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control to investigate outbreaks of Salmonella illness associated with produce from South Carolina. He went on to assist with various grant-funded food safety programs and has conducted training at the international, national, regional, state and county levels. He assisted JIFSAN with the development of a Train-the-Trainer Course for international audiences and has recently updated the training manual that is available at the JIFSAN website.

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Dexter Ballerda
IT Programmer II
(301) 314-6825

Anntoinette Barbour
Program Coordinator - JIFSAN/CFS3
(301) 405-9470

Alex Chang
IT Support
(301) 314-6825

Judy Cooper
Coordinator, International Training Programs
(301) 405-1696

Mary Grimley
Financial Officer
(301) 405-8434

Dominique Knott
Business Services Specialist
(301) 405-7646

Joon Lee
IT Programmer I
(301) 314-6825

Kyle McKillop
IT Manager, Online Programs
(301) 405-8353

Erica Mudd
(301) 405-1784

David Pan
IT Programmer II
(301) 314-6825

Vernora (Nora) Petty
Assistant to the Director
(301) 405-8382

Sabrina Sapp
Admin Assistant - JIFSAN/CFS3
(301) 405-1209

Timothy Shaffer
IT Support Assistant
(301) 314-6806

Edward Trejo
Admin Assistant
(301) 405-2444

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Chad Nelson, Ph.D. (Project Officer, JIFSAN)
Liaison and Partnership Team (CFSAN)
(301) 796-4643

Eric Olson, Ph.D.
Liaison and Partnership Team (CFSAN)
(240) 402-1674

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