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JIFSAN Event Registration

FDA-iRISK® 2.0 Webinar

Wednesday, March 11, 2015: 11:00AM - 12:00PM UTC
Price: FREE!

Intended Audience

  • Food-safety stakeholders (e.g., academia, industry, government, and consumers) interested in having access to a free Web-based tool that facilitates quantitative risk assessment.
  • Those who might not have extensive mathematical modeling experience, but are interested in applying quantitative risk assessment to microbial and chemical hazards in food.


This webinar will highlight key features of FDA-iRISK® 2.0, an enhanced version of the free, Web-based risk-assessment system developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. FDA developed this innovative tool to enable users to relatively quickly rank and compare risks from multiple foodborne microbial and chemical hazards and predict effectiveness of various prevention and control measures.


Since FDA-iRISK's initial launch, in 2012, FDA has continued to expand this innovative tool. New features in v2.0 include enhancements and new capacities for the underlying modeling methods and equations, user interface, and data sharing and reporting. Users now have access to advanced modeling capacity (e.g., rare events, maximum population density), can report results in new ways (e.g., number of cases, exposure at point of consumption), and have a number of new distribution options to represent contamination distribution and dose-response relationships for chemical and microbial hazards. Users also will be able to more quickly develop and evaluate alternative scenarios (e.g., sensitivity-analysis and copy features). User interface enhancements include ability to visualize dose-response curves and probabilistic distribution charts. Users also can share scenarios more easily (import repository feature). Risk managers and others can use FDA-iRISK estimates of public-health outcomes to inform food-safety policy and other decisions about food safety.

For information on v1.0, please visit the FDA-iRISK portal on FoodRisk.org: http://foodrisk.org/exclusives/fda-irisk-a-comparative-risk-assessment-tool/. FDA-iRISK v2.0 (the tool itself) and related new documents will be available on the portal immediately following the webinar.

Computer Requirements

The webinar will use WebEx. Please check to make sure your computer is capable of running this product. WebEx System Requirements

If you have any questions or problems with registation, please contact us at jifsanitsupport@umd.edu

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The event is at capacity. Please check back in the future as seats may become available.