JIFSAN 2018 Advisory Council Annual Symposium

JIFSAN Advisory Council 2018 Fall Symposium

Harnessing Public, Private Partnerships (P3s) to Improve Food Safety & Nutrition Outcomes

October 18-19, 2018
Sheraton College Park North Hotel


To reduce the burden of foodborne illness many countries, including the US, are moving to strengthen their food safety systems by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it. Historically, regulations, laws, and other policy instruments have been used by a number of governments to improve the delivery of economic and social outcomes to improve the lives of their citizens and to protect the environment. They often are used to correct market failures and incentivize the private sector to take action. Capacity building is one of the non-regulatory tools that FDA has available to help strengthen its efforts in preventing food safety problems in the global supply chain. With FSMA FDA has put more responsibility on the private sector for preventing hazards from occurring. This move is in recognition that the private sector is better positioned to ensure that preventive control measures are in place, as well as the recognition that the public sector has limited funds to do this themselves.

The purpose of this symposium is to look at the role PPPs have played in society and how such efforts in food safety capacity building may improve public health outcomes. The symposium will start with the rationale of PPP and then discuss successful PPP examples of improving public health outcomes on nutrition and food safety through capacity building efforts. Presentations will come from the public and private sector. Key to achieved desired outcomes is measuring the impact of such efforts. The second day of the symposium will focus on how such efforts to improve public health outcomes may also include data sharing. The process of data sharing may require the disclosure of proprietary data, which the private sector may be reluctant to do unless in a voluntary manner. For such PPP to work many hurdles including legal will have to be overcome and neutral third parties identified so as to establish data sharing platforms. During this day the symposium will hear how different PPPs were able to overcome such hurdles given the shared vision of improved public health outcome by the public and private sector. The symposium will conclude with recommendations for the next generation of PPPs in complementary food safety capacity building efforts as well as data sharing efforts to demonstrate the improvement in public health outcomes so as to ensure the changing rules under FSMA are indeed meeting their goals.



Program Agenda (DRAFT)
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