JIFSAN 2018 Advisory Council Annual Symposium

JIFSAN Advisory Council 2018 Annual Symposium

Harnessing Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Food Safety & Nutrition Outcomes

October 18-19, 2018
Sheraton College Park North Hotel, Beltsville, MD


Over past decades, public-private partnerships (P3s) have demonstrated significant value as a mechanism for pursuing governmental and societal goals, and the 2018 JIFSAN Symposium will focus on the role of P3s in improving public health outcomes in nutrition and food safety. A distinguished panel of public and private sector speakers will build the rationale for P3s, discuss and debate the metrics that are critical to declaring success, and through multiple, real-world examples highlight the challenges and opportunities inherent in such multisector investments. Experts will also focus on specific case studies where P3s have been instrumental in successful implementation of legislative and regulatory shifts (e.g., FSMA) and offer solutions to common challenges such as data sharing with the private sector. The Symposium will conclude with a panel of speakers from previous sessions who will share their thoughts on the role of the next generation of P3s in improving food safety and nutrition outcomes.

Who Should Attend:

  • Academic Leaders, Government/Regulatory Agencies, Food and Beverage Industry
  • Trade Associations, NGOs, Public Health Community, Graduate and Post Doc Students
  • All others interested in learning about Public-Private Partnerships


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