To advance sound strategies to improve public health, food safety, and applied nutrition using risk analysis principles through cooperative research, education, and outreach programs.


To be a premier source of scientific information and education programs on food safety and applied nutrition that enables the development of sound public health policy and reduces the incidence of food-related illness.

JIFSAN's International Food Safety Training Laboratory (IFSTL) held two courses in the month of June. The first course "Pathogen Analysis in Fresh Produce and Juices" took place June 8-12, while IFSTL's second offering of the "Whole Genome Sequencing" course took place June 15-19.
JIFSAN’s internship program gives students the opportunity to conduct research in a laboratory, work with skilled professionals in the field of food safety, and further long-term education and career goals.
JIFSAN will host a FREE webinar to introduce its annual symposium.
Re-Tool Your Box!: Communicating Food Risk in an Era of Social Media (November 4-5, 2015)
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