10th Joint CSL/JIFSAN Symposium on Food Safety and Nutrition

Methods and Systems for Tracking, Tracing, and Verifying Foods

Date: May 13-15, 2009

Location: Greenbelt Marriot Hotel, 6400 Ivy Lane, Greenbelt, MD USA

This was the tenth in a series of annual symposia on food safety and applied nutrition, jointly organized by the Central Science Laboratory (now Fera), UK, and the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN), USA, and supported by the EU Joint Research Centre (JRC). Each year a different theme is selected.



As of April 1, 2009 CSL merged to form a new agency called The Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera).

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  • SESSION ONE: The Global Food Supply
    • Dr. Paul Brereton
      New Approaches to Tracing the Origin of Food
      PDF (4.22 MB)
    • Dr. Shaun Kennedy
      Why Do You Need Traceability Systems?
      PDF (2.49 MB)
    • Dr. Robert Tauxe
      Surveillance Networks and the Detection and Investigation of Foodborne Disease Outbreaks – What You See Is What you Get
      PDF (4.44 MB)
    • Dr. Norman Fogg (for Dr. Ingrid Zambrana)
      Source Investigations – The Follow-up to Tracebacks from Foodborne Outbreaks
      PDF (2.51 MB)
  • SESSION TWO: Laboratory Tools
    • Dr. James Ehleringer
      Determining Geographical Origin of Food Using Stable Isotopes
      PDF (9.25 MB)
    • Dr. Jana HajDlova
      The Use of DART – TOFMS for Characterizing Food
      PDF (22.23 MB)
    • Dr. Gerry Downey
      Spectroscopic Fingerprinting Techniques for Verifying Food
      PDF (3.66 MB)
    • Ms. Christine Keys
      Overview of Molecular Sub-Typing of Methods for Bacteria Pathogens
      PDF (3.99 MB)
    • Dr. Haile Yancy
      DNA Barcoding: Regulatory Application at FDA
      PDF (15.73 MB)
    • Dr. Paul Reece
      Proteomics (Species Identification)
      PDF (3.88 MB)
  • SESSION THREE: Other Traceability and Tracking Tools
    • Dr. Marc Cohen
      Tracking Technologies (e.g., GPS; RFID)
      PDF (11.74 MB)
    • Dr. Grishja van der Veer
      Dr. Stefan Torfi Hoskuldsson

      Models for Predicting Geographical Origin
      Chain Information Management Systems (TraceCore XML)
      PDF (5.86 MB)
    • Ms. Kelley Hise
      PulseNet Network
      PDF (13.88 MB)
    • Dr. Amol Deshpande
      Computer Based Tracking Protocols: Improving Communication Between Databases
      PDF (1.22 MB)
  • SESSION FOUR: Issues and Future Needs
    • Ms. Kathryn Donnelly
      Drivers for Implementation of Traceability in the Food Sector
      PDF (3.11 MB)
    • Dr. Charles Hurburgh
      Bulk Material Tracing Needs
      PDF (10.39 MB)
    • Ms. Sherri McGarry
      Product Tracking Systems for Fresh Produce
      PDF (12.23 KB)
    • Dr. Robert Brackett
      Traceability Systems for Foods: An Industry Perspective
      PDF (2.90 MB)
    • Dr. Jean Halloran
      Traceability Systems for Foods: A Consumer Perspective
      Topic presented without PowerPoint illustration