‘Listening Session’ to Improve Food Safety Capacity Building: Forming a Public-Private Partnership for Data Sharing - June 15th

This June 15 free “Listening Session” brings representatives from the public and private sectors together to consider how to build a data sharing platform. The goal of this platform is for government, industry, the scientific community, and other stakeholders to agree on what data is needed to measure impact, to determine what data is already being collected, and to work toward greater data sharing and understanding.

If successful, this Public-Private Partnership is expected to both help government fulfill its mandate to improve food safety and enable companies providing food into the U.S. food chain to meet their obligations under the Food Safety Modernization Act. It may also protect these businesses from food shocks caused by FBD events. For other countries and donors, lessons learned will aid them in shaping their own investments in food safety capacity efforts.

Please join UMD-JIFSAN, IAFNS, and Structured Partnerships at the June 15 Listening Session and stay for the full IAFNS scientific conference that follows.

Listening session can be found here: https://iafns.org/event/listening-session-for-ppp-to-improve-food-safety-capacity-building/