M&E Research

Monitoring and Impact Evaluation to improve the delivery and impact of food safety capacity building efforts

Researchers involved:

  • • Clare Narrod (lead)
  • • Eric Owusu (2021-present)
  • • Ahsanuzzaman (2021)
  • • Xiaoya Dou (2017-2020)
  • • Mark Miller (2015-2017)
  • • Daniel Voica (2014-2015)
  • • Tarik Chfadi (2012-2014)
Collaborators on specific projects noted below.

This work focuses on developing methods to monitor the impact of Food Safety Capacity building efforts in the short, medium, and long term. Measuring the impact of training and capacity building efforts on food safety is important as it can:

  • • document and examine past efforts;
  • • justify and galvanize future efforts;
  • • identify new focus/improvements for future efforts

Research projects and links to website:

  • o Collaborators: Clare Narrod (lead), Xiaoya Dou, Mark Miller, Tarik Chfadi, Jim Rushing, Judy Cooper, Mike Janke, Mike Schwartz
  • Assessing the effectiveness of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training in Maryland in driving GAPs implementation on farms.
    2014-2016; Project part of Shirley Micallef AFRI funded project:
    “Reducing On-Farm Enteric Pathogens through Cropping Methods and Improved Food Safety Trainings.”
  • o Collaborators: Clare Narrod (lead), Xiaoya Dou, Mark Miller, Tarik Chfadi, Justine Beaulieu, Donna Pahl
  • o Collaborators: Cara Wychgram (lead), Clare Narrod, Weiyi Zhao, Brian Beddard
  • o Collaborators: Clare Narrod (lead), Xiaoya Dou, Michele Humiston, Anthony Rizkalla, Nicole Conklin, Gretchen Wall, Ana Marisa Cordero, Eric Olsen, Amber Nair, Lindsey Anna, Taryn Sjursen, Susan Laine, Katheryn Hughes, Jim Rushing, Judy Cooper
  • o Collaborators: Reuben Hermoso (lead), Clare Narrod, Tarik Chafdi

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