International Collaborations

JIFSAN recognizes the benefit of collaborating with other U.S. Agencies, governments, academia, industry organizations also working abroad to improve the safety of food.  By working together with others also working in the area we can achieve more.  Below describes a variety of collaborations we are involved in.

  • Other Collaborations
  • JIFSAN works with U.S. FDA, other U.S. Agencies, regional International organizations, and
    Universities to develop international regional training programs to improve the value chain actors to improve the safety of food produced in their own countries.

    Branded Foods partnership - We partner with private food data pool providers, ILSI NA, GDSN and BHNRC to read published nutrient information offerings for branded foods published by the manufacturers into the Branded Foods Products Database, which is published through Food Data Central. The data is extracted, transformed and loaded from the data pool providers into a normalized format for nutritional analysis meeting with data quality standards. The database contains over 300,000 items of branded food, and is adding items monthly. The Branded Foods Database is the highest traffic API on

    JIFSAN collaborates with HESI on the development of a number of research tools such as COMPARE and Heavy Metal tool to aid analysts in doing risk based analysis.