Asian Pacific Economic Consortium Food Safety Cooperation Forum Partnership Training Institute Network

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Food Safety Cooperation Forum (FSCF)’s Partnership Training Institute Network (PTIN) was designed to strengthen food safety capacity through the engagement of the food industry, scientific societies, academia, and government. JIFSAN joins FDA/CFSAN in engaging with the APEC FSCF PTIN—working with foreign agencies, laboratories, industries, and academic institutions to encourage the adoption internationally accepted food safety methods and quality assurance procedures. Involvement in PTIN activities provides for increased awareness and support for science-based applications toward food safety and sustained public health.

PTIN food safety activities to date primarily fall within the five priority areas, including work in: risk analysis, export certification, incident management, food recalls, prerequisite programs and HACCP systems, aquaculture, maximum pesticide residue limits (MRL), food inspection, proficiency testing of residues in food, food allergens, food additives, wine regulation, numerous laboratory competencies, and food safety modernization. Activities designed to strengthen capacity in these areas have been endorsed by the PTIN Steering Group, and have been implemented using a combination of APEC Secretariat-controlled funds, private sector contributions, and individual economy government expenditures- over $12 million in funding since 2008. There have been over 40 capacity building workshops since 2008 benefiting over 2,000 people with additional trainings that have arisen out of the train the trainer workshops.

JIFSAN has assisted APEC in capacity building associated with Export certification, Laboratories. Risk Assessment, and Aquaculture.

To learn more please visit APEC FSCF-PTIN's Website