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Faculty Associates
  Name Position Title Phone Number Email Address
Mostafa Ghanem, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Veterinary Medicine 301 314-6830
Portrait of Xiaoli Nan
Xiaoli Nan, Ph.D. Director, UMD Center for Health and Risk Communication 301-405-0640
Portrait of Rob	Patro
Rob Patro, Ph. D. Assistant Professor, CMSC/UMIACS/CMNS (301) 405-7269
Portrait of Mihai Pop
Mihai Pop, Ph.D. Director, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) 301-405-7245
Portrait of nadine Sahyoun
Nadine Sahyoun, Ph.D., R.D. Professor, NFSC (301) 405-8774
Portrait of Amy R. Sapkota
Amy R. Sapkota, Ph.D. Professor, Applied Environmental Health (MIAEH) 301-405-1772
Jiuzhou "John" Song , Ph.D. Professor, ANSC (301) 405-5943
Portrait of Yang Tao
Tao, Yang, Ph.D. Professor, BIEN (301) 405-1189
Portrait of Tikekar
Rohan V. Tikekar, Ph.D Associate Professor, NFSC 301-405-4509
Paul Turner
Paul Turner, Ph.D Associate Professor, Applied Environmental Health (MIAEH) 301-405-6583
Zhengguo Xiao
Zhengguo Xiao, Ph.D Associate Professor, ANSC (301) 405-6258
Liangli (Lucy) Yu
Liangli (Lucy) Yu, Ph.D. Professor, NFSC (301) 405-0761
Xiaoping Zhu
Xiaoping Zhu DVM, PhD Associate Dean and Department Chairman, Veterinary Medicine (301) 314-6814