Center for Food Safety and Security Systems
JIFSAN Research

Research has been a major focus of JIFSAN. The JIFSAN research program was established to assist in the generation of new knowledge in the support of the goal to develop a strong scientific base to address ongoing and increasingly complex public health issues. The program includes not only traditional laboratory and field research, but also educational, behavioral and social research.


Since 1998, JIFSAN has funded:

  • 54 research projects
  • 34 of which were done through its Internal Competitive Research Program
  • 20 of which were done through its Collaborative /Cooperative Program
  • 12 postdoctoral research projects
  • 112 publications as book chapters and research articles
  • Research supported by JIFSAN has been published in the following major food safety, applied nutrition, and public health journals:
    • New England Journal of Medicine
    • Emerging Infectious Diseases
    • Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
    • Applied and Environmental Microbiology
    • Journal of Food Protection
    • Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry
    • Journal of Applied Social Psychology
    • Nutrition and Cancer
    • NeuroToxicology
    • Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science

Additional Accomplishments:

  • 221 abstracts/presentations have been accepted in numerous national and international meetings, including 23 posters presented by UM undergraduate interns at FDA Science Forum
  • Many research articles have been repeatedly cited by other investigators and made important contributions to a better understanding of food safety and public health issues.
  • JIFSAN plans to continue building a strong research program with a direct impact on the public health.