New Intern Orientation - 2024-25 Cohort

Congratulations on your selection as a JIFSAN Intern! Your paid internship will begin May 28, 2024, provided that you have FDA mentor approval, completed badging requirements, and FDA facilities are open. Interns should work with their mentor with regards to the FDA badging process and provide any required information or documents in a timely fashion.

Please see below for links to forms that will need to be completed for your paid internship as well as helpful information regarding internship procedures, guidelines, and who to contact if you have further questions.

  •   Payroll Forms
    • ▷   W-4 Form - Both Federal and State of Residency: MarylandDC - WV
      Both federal and state forms must be completed. The W-4 is to declare any tax withholdings you would like to claim. Please see HERE, HERE, and HERE for sample forms. These forms are fillable but signatures must be completed with wet black ink. These cannot be submitted via email or scan, please arrange to drop these forms off with Erica Mudd at JIFSAN.

    • ▷   Direct Deposit Form
      This form will enable your pay to be directly deposited to a checking or savings account. See HERE for a sample form. This form is fillable and may be typed but signatures must be wet ink signatures in black ink. This form cannot be submitted via email or scan and should be dropped off as hardcopy with Erica Mudd at JIFSAN. Please note that there is an initial processing time period wherein your first 2-3 paychecks will be live checks. JIFSAN will make arrangements to pick up these initial checks from central payroll so that you can pick them up from our office.

    • ▷   I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
      You must submit copies of official documents that determine identity and employment authorization. Click the above link to see the list of acceptable documents. You must either submit one document from List A OR one document from List B and one document from List C. (For instance, you could send a scanned copy of a valid and unexpired U.S. passport OR you would need to send copies of a valid U.S. driver's license and U.S. birth certificate.) Please make sure your documents are unexpired. If submitting a copy of your passport, please send both the informational/photographic pages in the front as well as a scan of the barcode pages, typically found in the back of the passport booklet. Please ensure to bring your documents with you to your appointment with Erica Mudd at JIFSAN to present them in person (unless you are completing this process remotely)—this MUST happen before or on your first day of work, otherwise your start date will be delayed.

    • ▷   Citizenship Status Form (Only for Foreign Nationals)
      If you are currently not a citizen of the United States, you must fill out a CSF to determine tax status. In addition, you may need to complete a Glacier Tax profile—you will be granted access by Cara Diggs, NRA Coordinator for the University. Please print your Glacier Tax Summary once you have completed the profile, sign it, and bring it with you to drop off a hardcopy to Erica Mudd at JIFSAN. Additionally, bring copies of any documents the Tax Summary stipulates to include (for example, recent I-94, I-20 forms, etc.).

    • ▷   2023-2024 Hourly Payroll Calendar
      Please click above to see a calendar for reference about when you will be paid each pay period. (Interns are Hourly employees. Pay is biweekly and falls one week after most salaried employees at the University.)

  •   JIFSAN Internship Deadlines and Procedures
    • ▷   JIFSAN Paid Internship forms must be submitted prior to each semester if you are continuing. Submit by August 15 for Fall, December 15 for Winter/Spring, and May 15 for Summer.

    • ▷   Continuance of Paid Internships is not guaranteed. It depends upon availability of funding, continued support of your mentor, and continuance of the project.

    • ▷   Internship periods typically coincide with the academic year:
      Summer – May 28 through August 16
      Fall – August 26 through December 9
      Winter – January 2 through January 22
      Spring – January 27 through May 13

      JIFSAN Interns are not permitted to work outside of these periods unless other instruction has been given by the JIFSAN office.

    • ▷   Number of Hours You May Work:
      Fall and Spring (including Spring Break): maximum of 10 hours per week
      Summer and Winter: maximum of 30 hours per week

      Changes to working hours will be communicated by the JIFSAN office and are contingent upon mentor approval and availability of funding.

    • ▷   Completing Your Timesheets
      Timesheets must be completed at . Please see HERE for a small tutorial on completing and submitting your timesheets.

    • ▷   Getting Credit for Your Internship
      Please click the above link to read more about obtaining credit for your internship.

    • ▷   Helpful Contacts
      Please click above for contact information if you have questions about your JIFSAN Internship.