Zhao (Jack) Chen Ph.D.
Portrait of Zhao Chen
Assistant Research Scientist
5825 University Research Court, Suite 1400
College Park, MD 20740
United States


Postdoctoral Associate, University of Maryland
Postdoctoral Associate, University of California, Davis
Postdoctoral Associate, Clemson University


Ph.D.: Microbiology, Clemson University

Recent Publications:

  1. Chen, Z. & Meng, J. (2021). Persistence of Salmonella enterica and Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 on baby spinach subjected to temperature abuse after exposure to sub-lethal stresses. Foods, 10(9), 2141.
  2. Chen, Z., Erickson, D. L., & Meng, J. (2021). Polishing the Oxford Nanopore long-read assemblies of bacterial pathogens with Illumina short reads to improve genomic analyses. Genomics, 113(3), 1366-1377.
  3. Chen, Z., Erickson, D. L., & Meng, J. (2020). Benchmarking long-read assemblers for genomic analyses of bacterial pathogens using Oxford Nanopore sequencing. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(23), 9161.
  4. Chen, Z., Erickson, D. L., & Meng, J. (2020). Benchmarking hybrid assembly approaches for genomic analyses of bacterial pathogens using Illumina and Oxford Nanopore sequencing. BMC Genomics, 21(1), 1-21.
  5. Kwon, H. J., Chen, Z., Evans, P., Meng, J., & Chen, Y. (2020). Characterization of mobile genetic elements using long-read sequencing for tracking Listeria monocytogenes from food processing environments. Pathogens, 9(10), 822.
  6. Chen, Z., Kuang, D., Xu, X., González-Escalona, N., Erickson, D. L., Brown, E., & Meng, J. (2020). Genomic analyses of multidrug-resistant Salmonella Indiana, Typhimurium, and Enteritidis isolates using MinION and MiSeq sequencing technologies. PloS ONE, 15(7), e0235641.
Research Interests:

  • • Whole-genome sequencing and genomic analyses of foodborne pathogens
  • • Stress response of foodborne pathogens
  • • Survival, transfer, detection, and inactivation of foodborne pathogens