15th Annual Fera/JIFSAN Symposium

Emerging Issues in Food Safety

Date: June 9-11, 2014 Location: York, United Kingdom
The symposium is purposely highly topical and forward-looking, selected in light of recent, largely un-anticipated, high profile incidents which have impacted the global food industry, consumer confidence, and placed all involved in the food supply chain under increasingly intense scrutiny. Under the spotlight will be instrumental methods of analysis; emerging sciences; developments in 'horizon scanning'; and recent food incidents. The symposium will tackle the way that regulators, researchers and industry can work together to assess, monitor, manage and mitigate the impact of food scares on global economies, industry, and consumer safety and confidence. International speakers with a broad range of expertise and perspectives will lead discussions that will explore key challenges in their respective fields of research. The symposium will be supplemented by consumer, policy and regulatory perspectives relevant to the food industry.