2001 CSL/JIFSAN Joint Symposium - Current Issues in Food Biotechnology
Date: July 11-13, 2001 Location: Inn and Conference Center, University of Maryland University College The Central Science Laboratory (CSL), York, UK, and the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN), University of Maryland, USA have launched an annual series of symposia on various themes relating to food safety and applied nutrition. The purpose for this second symposium, Current Issues in Food Biotechnology, was to enable those involved in different aspects of the application of the methods of modern biotechnology to the production and processing of foods to meet and discuss current issues in this important area. Participants List: Unavailable


Welcome David Lineback (JIFSAN), Michael Roberts (CSL) PDF Unavailable Plenary Address: "Starlink" - A Case Study Stanley Abramson (Arent Fox) PDF Unavailable

Session II

International Perspectives

Tony Hardy (UK/EC; CSL, MAFF) UK/EC Perspective on Food Biotechnology PDF Unavailable Susan Harlander (US; Biorational Consultants) A U.S. Food Industry Perspective on Biotechnology PDF Unavailable Zhangliang Chen (China) Transgenic Food: Need and Safety PDF Unavailable John Wafula (Kenya) Agro-Ecological Zones of Kenya PDF Unavailable

Session III

International Perspectives

Steve Taylor (FARRP, University of Nebraska) Assessment of Allergenicity of Foods Produced Through Agricultural Biotechnology. PDF Unavailable John Heritage (University of Leeds) Gene transfer from transgenic plants PDF James Astwood (Monsanto) Current Studies on Safety PDF Unavailable Carol Tucker Foreman (Consumers Federation of America) Building Public Trust in Biotechnology PDF Unavailable

Session IV

Detection and Analysis

Guy van den Eede (EC, JRC) Validation of GMO detection methods and their use in foodstuffs in support to the EU regulatory framework PDF Unavailable Sarah Oehlschlager (CSL, MAFF) CSL AOAC ring trial and FAPAS proficiency testing PDF Unavailable Steve Tanner (GIPS, USDA) GIPSA Role in the Standardization of Testing for Genetically Modified Grain PDF Unavailable Ann Bridges (Medallion Labs, US) Options to Manage AgBiotech in Food Processing and Marketing PDF Unavailable

Session V

Future Prospects

Phil Mullineaux (John Innes Centre, UK) Opening Pandora's Box? Application of Advanced Transformation and Profiling Technologies to Risk Assessment Of GM Crops In Europe PDF Unavailable Gijs Kleter (RIKILT, Netherlands) New Developments in Plant Biotechnology and Food Safety Research PDF Unavailable Michael Jacobson (Center for Science in the Public Interest) Mapping the Future of GMOs PDF Unavailable Kyd Brenner DTB Associates LLP Industry View PDF Unavailable