2002 CSL/JIFSAN Joint Symposium - Rapid Diagnostic Methods in Food Safety
CSL and JIFSAN are holding a third Symposium on Rapid Diagnostic Methods in Food Safety at Central Science Laboratory, Sand Hutton, York (UK) on June 26-28th 2002. Program: Download PDF


The aim of this meeting will be to examine the current and prospective technologies for rapid diagnostics testing for the presence of bacterial pathogens, viruses, GMO's and chemical residues/contaminants in foods and in biological samples.


The area of food safety will be covered from the perspective not only of adventitious contamination but also from intentional contamination of the food chain. Such screening is of interest in rapid diagnosis of disease in plant and veterinary medicine and for detection of bacterial pathogens and chemical residues in foods. Rapid screening for bacterial pathogens, viruses, prion proteins, allergenic proteins and chemical residues such as veterinary drugs will be covered in this symposium. Current and future technologies will be discussed, in terms of both potential and best practice and how validation/verification should be handled to provide the necessary safeguards without inhibiting innovation in this rapidly advancing area of science.