JIFSAN 2012 Annual Spring Symposium

Feeding the World Population Today and Tomorrow

Date: May 16th, 2012 Location: Greenbelt Marriott Hotel, Greenbelt, MD, USA




Program Book Download PDF Background Download PDF Program Agenda Download PDF Participants List Download PDF


Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Jenny Scott, Food and Drug Administration Download PDF Global Manufacturers and Governments' Response to FMSA - An Industry Perspective Peggy Rochette, Grocery Manufacturers of America Download PDF Fresh Produce Rule - Importation and Traceability - A Producers' Perspective Barry Eisenberg, United Fresh Produce Association Download PDF FSMA Communication and Outreach Kari Barrett, Food and Drug Administration Download PDF Microbiological Issues Donald Zink, Food and Drug Administration Download PDF Myths about Chemicals in Foods - Risks/Benefits Julie Jones, St. Catherine University Download PDF Positioning the Food Industry to Address Chemical Safety Henry Chin, The Coca Cola Company Presentation Not Available Consumer Reaction to Chemicals Marianne Smith-Edge, International Food Information Council (IFIC) Presentation Not Available Dedication to Dr. Sanford Miller Lester Crawford, Consulting Pharmacologist Presentation Not Available  Feeding the World's Population: How Agriculture Contributes to Nutrition? Florence Rolle, FAO Liason for Office of North America Presentation Not Available  Fortification's Contribution to Meeting Dietary Nutrient Recommendations Eric Hentges, ILSI North America Download PDF Consumer Messaging on Nutrition Xiaoli Nan and Kelly Madden, University of Maryland - College Park Download PDF