JIFSAN 2016 Annual Symposium

Communicating Food Risk in an Era of Social Media

April 4-5, 2016 Greenbelt Marriott Hotel, Greenbelt, MD, USA

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Symposium Proceedings


How do you FIRST RECEIVE scientific and food safety risk information, monitor for consumer concerns? How do you then process, and SEND out communications that are timely, honest, and relevant? Today, social media sources drive our access to information and communication, and it is IMMEDIATE! Is your food risk communication system keeping up? The 2016 SYMPOSIUM will emphasize modernizing food risk communication via social media and why current toolboxes are now inadequate, particularly in crisis situations. This symposium is designed for the entire risk communication team: the front-line team, those with the scientific knowledge, those developing the messages, and the boss who makes the resources available to do this very important work.


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The Role & Importance of Food Risk Communication Sharon Natanblut Download PDF
Are Age-old Risk Communication Principles Standing the Test of Time (and the Internet)? William Hallman Download PDF
Crisis Communication in the Food Industry: An Overview of Current Research Timothy Sellnow Download PDF
JIFSAN Symposium Communication Scenario - Introduction Amy Philpott Donna Rosenbaum Download PDF
Food Risk Communication Plans, Planning, and Social Media Amy Philpott Donna Rosenbaum Download PDF
Information Overload: Filtering through it all and deciding what is important? Patrick Wall Download PDF
ERIS: Supporting the Early Detection of Food Risks and Issues Niels Lucas Luijckx Download PDF
Using Innovation for Signals and Surveillance Lyle Canida Download PDF
JIFSAN Symposium Communication Scenario - Scenario Update Amy Philpott Donna Rosenbaum Download PDF
Crafting the Right Message Donna Rosenbaum Amy Philpott Laura Burnworth Download PDF
Message Dissemination: Social Media and Beyond Dominique Brossard Laura Burnworth Download PDF
Disseminating the Message: CDC’s Perspective Laura Burnworth Download PDF
Leadership: Where Food Risk Communication Begins and Ends William Daniels Download PDF