Special Discount to Attend Hands-on Laboratory Course AND JIFSAN-Fera Symposium
Special Event IFSTL

The IFSTL is pleased to offer a special discounted registration rate for participants who wish to attend both the laboratory training and JIFSAN-Fera symposium.

  • The course includes presentations from government experts on the FDA regulatory framework for pesticide residues, EPA's process to establish regulatory limits and recommended methods of analysis.
  • The symposium features speakers from government experts from the USA and EU, international standard setting organizations such as AOAC and ISO and industry and consumer groups. Round table discussions on the use of laboratory methods in the regulatory context will prompt participation from attendees for an open discussion of the methods, requirements and regulatory implications.
  • Don't miss this one-time chance! The IFSTL offers a discounted rate of $3,500 to attend BOTH events and we will arrange the logistics of attending the course and the symposium to meet your needs. For more information, please contact us at ifstl@umd.edu or telephone 1-301-405-1342.