JIFSAN delivered a series of four training programs for spices farm workers in different growing regions of India February 11-27, 2019

In 2012, the India Spices Board and the Coalition of India Industry-Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence (CII-FACE), in partnership with JIFSAN, established a Collaborative Training Centre (CTC) in India with the purpose of advancing food safety practices in the spices industry. The CTC has continued its capacity building efforts with a series of four ‘Train the Trainers’ programs delivered February 11-27, 2019 in distant production regions in India. The training locations were: Mandsaur, Madya Pradesh; Jodhpur, Rajasthan; Mahesana, Gujarat and; Gudi Malkapuram, Telangana. The program content focused on training needs for limited-literacy farm workers. Dr. Jim Rushing and Dr. Clare Narrod supported professional trainers from the Spices Board who delivered most of the presentations in local language or through interpreters. Some of the written training materials had already been translated to Hindi and were posted in training locations for participants to review. Audience participation was active throughout all programs. Farmers frequently challenged the trainers about the difficulty of implementing new practices and the trainers took advantage of these many teachable moments. Frequently farmers stated their commitment to developing a stronger food safety culture. A total of approximately 400 persons were trained.