Congratulations to recent graduates of the Risk Analysis Summer Integrated Program (SIP)

The 2022 SIP program was held virtually the month of June, due to COVID concerns. The program incorporating five (5) courses in various aspects of risk analysis. Thirty-eight (38) individuals participated, most engaging in multiple classes, totaling seventy-seven (77) class seats:
25 in Introduction Risk Analysis in the Regulatory Process
13 in Risk Management
14 in Qualitative Risk Analysis
12 in Risk Communication and
7 in the combined Intro to FDA- iRisk and Quantitative Risk Assessment course

While most participants were from the U.S. Regulatory Agencies, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan, Honduras, and Ghana were all represented with three participating from Canada.

JIFSAN has successfully taught virtually during the pandemic; however, we look forward to offering in-person classes the summer of 2023.

Qualitative Risk Analysis – Dr. Charles Yoe Instructor

Risk Communication – Dr. William Hallman Instructor