JIFSAN Shrimp Mandate – Good Aquaculture Practices Workshops Conducted in Ecuador, India, and Indonesia in 2022

JIFSAN presented Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) workshops in Ecuador, India, and Indonesia from February to July 2022 to a diverse group of government, industry, and academia personnel. Each GAqP course was conducted as a 4-day in-person training that provided a technical approach to preventing diseases and food safety risks. Furthermore, the courses demonstrated how to apply GAqP concepts to develop an aquaculture food safety plan. In each course, JIFSAN collaborated with in-country partners to provide participants with an overview of each country’s current aquaculture farm food safety program as well as current perspectives on shrimp diseases. A visit to a local working shrimp farm was also included as part of the training.

Date Country Location # of Participants Collaborators
Feb. 14-18, 2022 Ecuador Guayaquil 35 U.S. FDA, MPCEIP, CNA
May 9-13, 2022 India Kochi 34 U.S. FDA, MPDEA
Jun. 27-Jul. 1, 2022 Indonesia Jakarta 34 U.S. FDA, FQIA, DGA

Michael Schwarz is seen holding a shrimp. A body of water with a small boat is in the background, and a basket full of shrimp is visible in the foreground.
JIFSAN instructor Michael Schwarz at a local shrimp farm in Ecuador.

Good Aquaculture Practices students stand under a timber-framed awning at a shrimp farm in Indonesia. Blue and white plastic drums are seen to the side, and a garden hose connected to PVC pipe is visible in the foreground.
GAqP students observing a local shrimp farm in Indonesia.