JIFSAN Sanitation Training in Chennai & Kochi, India

JIFSAN collaborated with the Export Inspection Counsel (EIC) & The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) to present two, 2-day Sanitation trainings in Chennai & Kochi, India on January 16-20, 2023. A total of 61 participants attended the trainings. The goal of this training is to provide a diverse field of Indian personnel with a critical overview on proper food processing sanitation methods and constructing sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs) to improve safety and prevent exposure to food safety hazards. The training began with an online Food Processor Sanitation Course provided by the University of Maine to introduce the course topics. The training then consisted of an in-person Sanitation course that included lectures, hands-on group activities, and student presentations and discussions.

Seven conference participants stand in front of a projected slide introducing the Seafood Sanitation Training session. A tall South Indian lamp is in the foreground.

A man speaks at a lectern while four conference participants sit at a table in front of a slide introducing the sanitation workshop in English and Hindi.