2023 Risk Analysis Summer Integrated Program (SIP)

JIFSAN virtually held the four CORE courses of the SIP program from June 1 – 22, 2023.  With hopes of having in-person training again this year, several participants requested the program be held via Zoom, as it had been for the past few years.  Due to these requests, the program was transitioned from in-person to remote learning a few weeks prior to the start date.

The program incorporated the four CORE risk analysis courses: Introduction to Risk Analysis in the Regulatory Process, Risk Management, Qualitative Risk Assessment, and Food Safety Risk Communication.  While Zoom courses can be challenging, the classes were instructor-led and very interactive.

Most attendees were from U.S. Regulatory Agencies; however, China, Japan and South Africa were also represented.  The diverse group of professionals involved in various risk assessment aspects allowed for great discussions and participant engagement.

The fifth course in the SIP program, Introduction to FDA-iRisk ® and Qualitative Risk Assessment, is planned for September to allow additional teaching days.

JIFSAN will hold its 2024 SIP program again next summer; however, it has yet to be determined whether the format will be in-person or virtual.


1. Introduction to Risk Analysis & the Regulatory Process
Lead instructor: Dr. Clare Narrod

2. Risk Management
Lead instructor: Dr. Charles Yoe

3. Qualitative Risk Assessment
Lead instructor: Dr. Charles Yoe

4. Risk Communication
Lead instructor: Dr. William Hallman