Evaluation of PSR Supplemental Materials

In line with the implementation of the CoAg2 between FDA and IICA, JIFSAN is tasked to measure and validate the effectiveness of PSR supplemental training materials for growers. The supplemental materials are disseminated through digital platforms as web-based videos, memes, infographics, etc.

The study focuses on three audiences: farm owners and managers (A1); farm supervisors (A2); and farm workers (A3). For growers in the A1 and A2 groups, assessment of impact of exposure to the supplemental materials is done through a randomized controlled trial design. However, given that growers in the A3 category are not required to take PSR grower training course, validation of their material is carried out through case studies on the same farms where the A1 and A2 audiences recruited for the experiment operate.

Experimental Design for A1 and A2

The study intervention involves exposure to initial supplemental training material and a subsequent reminder delivered through email or text message. The evaluation or treatment groups are:

Group 1 (G1): Half of each group are exposed to only PSR grower training course.
Group 2 (G2): Remaining half receives PSR grower training and supplemental materials (initial material and reminder messages).

Figure 2 shows the treatments, the associated sample sizes and the steps involved in implementation.

Figure 2: Experimental design to evaluate impact of exposure to supplemental materials for A1 and A2 groups.

The study design for the A3 will include a simple before and after comparison of outcomes. The main impact indicator for all three audiences is knowledge test scores, and the study is being implemented in Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica.