Food Safety for Farm Workers Spices and Dried Aromatic Herbs

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Course Description

Spices and dried aromatic herbs can become contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and toxic mold at any time during farm production. Eating food seasoned with contaminated spices and dried aromatic herbs can cause food borne illness. Training farm workers on good hygiene practices helps prevent the contamination of spices and dried aromatic herbs and decreases the risk of disease in workers, their families and consumers. 

The course material includes:

  • scientific background information for trainers
  • planning tools for preparing and scheduling a training session
  • 6 Education Modules to use with farm workers

and is presented in two formats:

  • a downloadable pdf file that contains the same content as the online course in a format that can be easily downloaded, saved and printed for offline use
  • a traditional on-line course with section links that facilitate navigation

In addition to this course material, the training website includes:

  • a downloadable pdf file of the handouts in English
  • handout templates for translation