12th Joint Fera/JIFSAN Annual Symposium

Dealing with Uncertainty in Risk-Based Decision Making and Response


Date: June 15-17, 2011
Location: Greenbelt Marriott Hotel, 6400 Ivy Lane, College Park, MD, USA

This was the twelfth in a series of annual symposia on food safety and applied nutrition jointly organized by the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera), UK, and the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN), University of Maryland, College Park. Each year a different theme is selected. This year's symposium focused on uncertainty in risk based decisions, communication and response.



  • DAY 1

    • WELCOMEDownload (480 KB)
    • Don L. Zink, Ph.D. (FDA - CFSAN) The Power of New Information in Risk-Based Decision Making Download (2.11 MB)
    • Jenny Scott (FDA-CFSAN Office of Food Safety) Dealing with Uncertainty - Peanut Butter Case Study Download (708 KB)
    • Roy Macarthur (FERA, UK) Sources of Uncertainty and Current Practice for Addressing Them: Analytical Perspective Download (1.78 MB)
    • David A. Bussard (EPA) Sources of Uncertainty and Current Practice for Addressing Them: Toxicological Perpective Download (266 KB)/li>
    • Clarence W. Murray, III, Ph.D. (FDA - CFSAN) Sources of Uncertainty and Current Practices for Addressing Them: Exposure Perpective Download (375 KB)
    • Chensheng (Alex) Lu, Ph.D. (Harvard School of Public Health - Department of Environmental Health) The Contribution of Within and Between Subject Variations to Dietary Pesticide Exposures Download (2.04 MB)
  • DAY 2

    • Dr. Wayne Anderson (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) Making Decisions Despite Uncertainty: The Irish Dioxin Crisis 2008 Download (2.72 MB)
    • Mike Hoekstra (National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases) Designing Studies to Better Understand Food Source Attribution Download (1.54 MB)
    • Villie Flari (FERA, UK) Rapid Risk Assessment (and/or Rapid Risk Analysis) Are They Possible? Download (2.11 MB)
    • Luchansky Presentation Unavailable
    • Andy Hart (FERA, UK) Uncertainty Analysis - Combining Quantitative & Qualitative Assessments Download (948 KB)
    • Daniel Gallagher (Virginia Tech) Using Quantitative Risk Assessment and Accounting for Variability and Uncertainty Download (1.57 MB)
    • Helen Owen (QALIBRA) Dealing with Uncertainty in Risk-Benefits Analyses: Balancing Health Benefits and Risks Download (462 KB)
    • Roger M. Cooke (Delft University of Technology) Stakeholder Preference Modeling with Probabilistic Inversion Download (1.42 MB)
  • DAY 3

    • Dr. Andrew Wadge (Food Standards Agency) Dealing with Uncertainty in Decision Making - A Government Perspective Download (10.0 MB)
    • Patrizia Barone, Ph.D. (Unilever) Role of Science, Uncertainty & Risk Perception in Making Informed Decisions - An Industry Perpective Download (5.81 MB)
    • Trevor Butterworth (Statistical Assessment Service - STATS) We're All Going to Die! Download (2.58 MB)
    • Robert Edwards (FERA, UK) Final Notes Fera/JIFSAN 2012 Download (313 KB)