6th Joint CSL/JIFSAN International Symposium on Food Safety and Nutrition
Bioactive Food Components Date: June 28-30, 2005 Location: University of Maryland, University College, Inn and Conference Center, Adelphi, MD (USA) The objective of the CSL/JIFSAN Joint Symposium was to engender a better understanding of the current efforts related to research, regulations and policy relative to functional foods and ingredients. The selected speakers did an excellent job of depicting the current situation and issues associated with the demonstration of the safety and efficacy of functional or bioactive ingredients. The presentations also showed the many differences in the regulatory sphere between the US and the EU. The major issues appear to be related to defining the science required to establish efficacy and thereby the basis for product claims. Presentations also highlighted the relevance of a number of emerging scientific areas that demand attention. These can be summarized as follows:
  • Biomarkers – identification of meaningful markers associated with relevant bioactive agents and the health conditions purportedly affected
  • Consumer research – our current understanding of the drivers of consumer food related behaviors is quite inadequate and as a consequence it is difficult to comprehend or predict consumer understanding of health-related product claims. A greater investment in sound consumer behavioral research is imperative.
  • Identification of bioactive agents – research in this area is critical and must not only continue to be supported but must somehow be enhanced. Efforts should be directed to a consideration of ways of providing incentives to the private sector to increase their research commitments as well as efforts to seek greater government funding.
  • Regulatory harmonization – significant gaps exist between the US and Europe. Presumably, other countries also have differing regulatory environments. The Symposium clearly identified the need for greater harmonization of regulatory environments across geographies. This will be important to the current trends in globalization of trade.
  • Nutritional risk – was an area shown to be of increasing importance and yet an area receiving little attention. The need for greater research on this subject will become even more evident as the functional food category evolves.
  • "Omics" will influence the food related activities in a great varieties of ways, some trends are already apparent and there was a consensus that this is only the "tip of the iceberg". Hence, the understanding of the relationship between gene expression, nutrition and health will become a major societal driver in the decades ahead. Additionally, the "omics" technological advances also enhance our analytical capabilities.
The conclusion that greater global interaction was needed to enable full development of the potential of functional foods appeared to be unanimous. More meetings of this sort are needed to permit scientists from around the world to interact and share ideas as well as identify issues. To this end, the next CSL/JIFSAN symposium is scheduled for June/July 2006 and will be held in York, UK.

Proceedings and Presentations


Sixth Joint CSL/JIFSAN Symposium on Food Safety and Nutrition: Bioactive Components  David R. Lineback, JIFSAN (USA) Download PDF Sixth Joint CSL/JIFSAN Symposium on Food Safety and Nutrition: Bioactive Components Michael Roberts Download PDF

The Science Behind Labeling Issues and Health Claims

E.U. Perspective Michele Kellerhals, Coca Cola European Group (EU) Download PDF Food Labeling and Health Claims: U.S. Perspective Kathy Ellwood, CFSAN/FDA (US) Presentation not available Functional Foods to Enhance Health Wayne Bidlack, California Polytechnic University (US) Download PDF Process for the Assessment of Scientific Support for Claims on Foods PASSCLAIM) Peter Aggett, University of Central Lancashire (UK) Download PDF "Nutritional Risk" Associated with Food Safety: Case Study Alan Rulis, CFSAN/FDA (US) Download PDF Allergenicity as a Future Challenge Elke Anklam, European Commission (Belgium) Download PDF 'Omics' Reviewed: With Applications to Food Science John Dennis, Central Science Laboratory (UK) Download PDF Value Adding to Horticultural Plants Food Through Enhancement of Nutritional Parameters Robert Premier, Postharvest Physiology and Food Science (Australia) csl2005_Premier.pdf Biomarkers and Surrogate Endpoints for Evaluating Health Benefits of Food Components: Promises and Perils John Milner, Nutritional Science Group/NCI (US) Download PDF Phytoestrogens in Food Don Clarke, Central Science Laboratory (UK) Download PDF Probiotics in Functional Foods Todd R. Klaenhammer, North Carolina State University (US) Presentation not available Challenges Facing Regulation on Pet Foods Containing Bioactive Components William Burkholder, CVM/FDA (US) Presentation not available

Consumer Perspectives / Attitudes

Consumer Perspectives and Attitudes in the EU Lynn Frewer, Wageningen University (The Netherlands) Download PDF Functional Foods: Communicating Challenges and Opportunities Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, International Food and Information Council (US) Download PDF Where Do We Go From Here Gilbert Leveille, Senior Consultant, Cargill, Inc. (US) Download PDF