Existing CTI's
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To date, JIFSAN has established with partners CTIs in 6 different locations. The food groups covered by these CTIs include, seafood, spices, processed food, and fresh produce and are extensions of the regularly offered training programs. Currently with multiple partners in other Universities, International Organizations, and governments we are collaborating in the establishment of a regional virtual training program for Risk Analysis in the Americas. In addition, specialized program offerings have been developed and delivered for topics that are normally beyond the scope of JIFSAN’s purview.

  1. Bangladesh Aquatic and Aquacultural Food Safety Center (AAFSC)

  2. India Supply Chain Management for Spices and Botanical Ingredients (SCMSBI)

  3. Malaysia Ministry of Health Collaborative Framework on Food Safety Capacity Building (IFSTC)

  4. Thailand Center for Commercially Sterile Packaged Foods (CSPF)

  5. IICA-JIFSAN Collaborative Training Initiative for the Americas (CTIA)