2010 JIFSAN Advisory Council Spring Symposium

Risk Communication - Communicating Science to the Public
Date: March 24, 2010
Location: Greenbelt Marriott Hotel, 6400 Ivy Lane, Greenbelt, MD, US

The JIFSAN Advisory Council sponsored its 2nd annual spring symposium on March 24, 2010. The symposium entitled Risk Communication – Communicating Science to the Public included sessions on Consumer/Behavior Research, Laboratory Testing Methodologies, and Risk Communication.




  • Dr. Renate Reimscheussel (FDA/CVM) Anatomy of an Outbreak/Adverse Event: Melamine Download PDF (5.10 MB)

SESSION 1: Consumer/Behavior Research

  • Dr. Sherri Dennis (FDA/CFSAN) Using the JIFSAN Pilot Observational Study of Food Safety Practices in Interagency Listeria monocytogenes at Retail Deli Risk Assessment Download PDF (1.24 MB)
  • Dr. Linda Verrill (GAPs) Study on Farmers Understanding and Implementation of Good Agricultural Practices Download PDF (142 KB)
  • Dr. Amy Sapkota (UMD) Evaluating Public Health Impacts and Cost-Effectiveness of Implementing GAPs in the Tomato Farm Environment Download PDF (3.07 MB)

SESSION 2: Laboratory Testing Methodologies

  • Dr. Lauren Jackson (FDA/CFSAN) Detection of Food Allergens: Current Analytical Methods and Future Needs Download PDF (1.31 MB)
  • Dr. Liangli (Lucy) Yu (UMD) Development and Validation of In-vitro Hepatoxicity Assay(s) for Dietary Supplement Materials Download PDF (1.02 MB)
  • Dr. Eric Brown (FDA/CFSAN) Advances in Rapid Microbiology Testing Methods Download PDF (3.20 MB)

SESSION 3: Risk Communication

  • Dr. Linda Aldoory (UMD) Impact of Media on the Perception of Food Safety Issues Download PDF (72.1 KB)
  • Dr. David Schmidt (IFIC) Applying Risk Communication Principles to Today's Food Issues Download PDF (5.47 MB)
  • Dr. Daniel Schmitz (Abbott Nutrition), and Dr. Henry Chin (The Coca Cola Company) Industry Perspectives on Food Safety Issues Download PDF (528 KB)