JIFSAN 2013 Annual Spring Symposium

Conundrum of Defining Food Safety: The Case of the Moving Zero

Date: April 18th-19th, 2013 Location: Marriott Hotel, Greenbelt, MD, USA







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How Risky is Risky? The Use of Risk Assessment in Establishing Safety Julie Jones, St. Catherine University Download PDF
Chasing Zero – How Changes in Methodology Contribute to the Food Safety Conundrum Jonathan DeVries, General Mills/Medallion Laboratories, Minneapolis, MN Download PDF
Consumer Perceptions of Food Safety in a Global Supply Chain Carmen Stacy, Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA), Washington, DC Download PDF
Food Safety from A Lawyer’s Perspective R. Drew Falkenstein, Marler Clark LLP PS, The Food Safety Law Firm, Seattle, WA Download PDF
How Safe is Safe – A Chemical Perspective Michael Landa, Food and Drug Administration, College Park, MD Download PDF
How Safe is Safe – Examining the Past and Present to Gain a Perspective on the Future, and the Effect of the FDA Public Database Donald Zink, Food and Drug Administration, College Park, MD Download PDF
Epidemiology of Weak Associations Paolo Boffetta, Mt.Sinai Medical School, New York City, NY Download PDF
Toxicology in the 21st Century Thomas Hartung, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Download PDF
Keynote Address Gilbert Leveille, Leveille Associates, Denville, NJ Download
How Consumers' Perceptions Have Changed Over Time – A Case Study Donna Rosenbaum, Food Safety Partners, Ltd. Northbrook, IL Download
Does Knowledge of A Risk Change a Behavior? Case of Aflatoxin in Kenya Clare Narrod, Risk Analysis Manager, JIFSAN/University of Maryland Download PDF
How the Social Media has Influenced Consumer Perception Jania Matthews, International Food Information Council, Washington, DC Download PDF
Arsenic in Food: Rice – A Case Study Elizabeth Petrun, University of Maryland, College Park, MD Download PDF