Tools for Prioritizing Food Safety Concerns Workshop
Date: June 4 - 6, 2007 Location: Greenbelt Marriott Hotel, 6400 Ivy Lane, Greenbelt, MD The Tools for Prioritizing Food Safety Concerns Workshop was held June 4-6, 2007, in Greenbelt, MD. The goal of the workshop was to bring together different organizations who are working on tools for risk screening, ranking, and prioritization to discuss approaches and develop recommendations for a process to prioritize risks associated with chemical and microbial contaminants in food.

Speaker Presentations

An FDA Perspective Dr. Robert Buchanan (FDA/CFSAN) PDF USDA Perspective: Need for Prioritizing Potential Risks from Contaminants in Food Dr. Kerry Dearfield (USDA/FSIS) PDF An Industry Perspective Dr. Tom Trautman (General Mills) PDF Conceptual Framework for A Tiered Approach to Risk Ranking and Prioritization Dr. Ian Munro (CanTox) PDF Public Health Impacts of Substances Detected at Low Levels in Food: A Workable Approach to Risk Management Decisions Dr. Richard Lane (Unilever) PDF An Approach to Ranking Microbial Foodborne Hazards Dr. Michael Batz (University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Baltimore) PDF Update (11/07/08): FIRRM can now be found at Risk Ranking Framework: The IFT-FDA Cooperative Initiative Dr. Nga Tran (Exponent) PDF Prioritizing the Toxicity Testing of Environmental Chemicals at EPA Dr. George Gray (EPA) PDF Charge to Break-Out Groups PDF General Questions PDF

Result of the Workshop


  • Group 1: Facilitator - Dr. Steve Olin PDF
  • Group 2: Facilitator - Dr. Dr. Nga Tran PDF
  • Group 3: Facilitator - Dr. Nancy Rachman PDF
  • Group 4: Facilitator - Dr. Bernadene Magnuson PDF


Participant List PDF Summary (Complete. Uploaded on 10/12/07) PDF